Used Pipe

Despite what some may say it is possible to find high quality used pipe. I look at thousands of joints a month and only buy the best. Almost all of the pipe has been brushed and cleaned, with no pitting or liners.

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New Pipe

We have all sizes, weights, and grades available. Everything from new reject, limited service, and OCTG. So whether you want to build a fence or case a well we have got you covered.

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Sucker Rods

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Gates & Continuous Fence

The most cost effective and quickest way to build any sort of pen or arena. Just set your line post and weld up these twenty foot panels. They are made of all new steel. So painting is easy.

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Cattle Guards

Made entirely of pipe and designed to withstand all types of traffic. These guards are built in 10', 12', 14', and 16'. All are 80" wide and painted black.

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Oilfield Grade Cattle Guards

These cattle guards are made from all new pipe including:

8 5/8 x .352 - Base
4 1/2 x .250 - Top Runners
1 7/8 x .145 - Wings

The main surface is 20' x 80" and is closed in on the front and back with 1/8" flat iron. The 4 ½ is saddled into the 8 5/8 for added strength.

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Fencing Supplies

The best net wire fence on the Market... and the only wire we sell!

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We are currently stocking cable in:

5/16 Galvanized 7 X 19
5/16 Vinyl Coated

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Feed Bunks & Water Troughs

Longer lasting and more durable than your plastic troughs. These 24" diameter by 1/4" wall thick troughs are made to last. Made out of new pipe and come in lengths from 12' to 20'.

Our water troughs are made from new 24" X .250 wall pipe and can be from 12' to 20' long.  They come equipped with a float valve and drain with a cap.

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Used Guard Rail

Our guard rail is made of sturdy galvanized steel.  This material comes in 26' pieces and weighs 7 lbs/ft..

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Livestock Sheds

Our portable livestock sheds are perfect for horses, feeder steers or heifers, calving pens, or just to get your livestock out of the weather.

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Oilfield Triangle Pipe Racks and Catwalks

Our pipe racks are constructed using heavy duty 4 1/2" drill pipe. For the braces we use 4 1/2" X .337 (sch 80) pipe. They will average 29' in length.

Our catwalks are made from 3" X 1/4" square tubing, 2 7/8" X .217 pipe, and 3/8" sheet metal. They will be 40' in length.

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Storage Racks

18" x ~29'

Made with 4 1/2 x 16.60# drill pipe (runners), 4 1/2 x sch80 new (uprights), and 3/16 formed plate (braces)

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